Purges and glitches and the like

WTF Funcom. I bought the game when it first came out. I have bought every DLC up to Pontain. I quit playing for almost 4 to 5 months due to the imbalances and glitches. Things like climbing and for no reason falling off. Thralls being pounded into the mesh and not being able to “agro” when I was fighting.

I come on now after the break and found much of this still an issue. You have a GREAT game and you are f’n it up. Fix it. This time I get on and build up only to have a several days of work destroyed in less than 5 mins in a purge. You may say quit whining, its the part of the game. Well I have beaten and been beaten by the best in Pvp and NEVER have I lost so much as I did in less than 10 mins in a purge. Berserkers with swords took out tier 3 foundations and 3 leveled up thralls and a foundation wiped my sandstone animal camp. 10 mins with swords? really? are you kidding me? So several days of work goes without a chance of success. My character died as easily as I kill newb river NPS but I was wearing tier 4 armor with the best upgrades.

Well You’ve lost my money. If I hear that you fixed this mess then I’ll come back.

Another point. Balance the Armor with environmental vs attributes. No medium hot strength armor? Guardian, which barley covers the body is cold protection, but pictish, which is a bear skin rug is gives you heat protection. Seeing you miss details like this is probably why you are missing the details in the code that cause all of you damn glitches.

If you want more income. Make something that people with money want to buy.

Funcom has actually explained that they try to provide as much variaty as possible when it comes to stat bonus + heat protection. So rather than looking at how a specific armor looks and setting the heat/cold protection based on visuals, they make the decision based on which stat/heat combos are missing or underrepresented.

Most armors don’t make sense when it comes to cold protection, anyway. Wearing a lot of metal tends to be bad in either extreme, and wearing two straps of leather over your chest won’t keep you warm in sub-zero conditions, whether those straps are made of fur, metal or silk. I suggest just hand-waving that as “it looks cool, it doesn’t have to make sense”.

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Alex said that lore in terms of heat and cold did not matter it was a balance if not enough cold then more cold needed but it as always comes to a function over cosmetic

Two things, first build up on rocks or trees so the purge cant get to you. Most of the time they will sit down where they cant jump up to you, and you can kill them at will.
We have bases built stupid high. Only once did a corrupted scorp climb vertically up a hill, over the wall and into a trap we had inside the wall.
Some folks have had them pop inside your base, your screwed.

Secondly, This is not a solo game, they changed the dynamics when they gave us thralls.
Places where We have gone in the past many times, we cant ever get into any more, with out two thralls.

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