PvE-C (PvP weekends) [PS4] Server [US EAST]: Cimmeria discord.gg/dPaXZRC

Our community is growing and we would like to invite you to a server where we plan to rebuild the great bridge and have organized PvP fighting/Community Battlegrounds.

Official server settings but without Avatar usage (They aren’t Balanced as of right now). The xp and harvest rate are up by 400%. 40 slots. Disabled building abandonment. Faster crafting times, nighttime and thrall breaking.

No wiping, Server has a year commitment, No exploits.

You can get to level 50 in just under 3 hours if you put effort into it!

We can’t wait to accept you as a part of our community!

DM me (KenpoKreed) on PSN for more information if you are interested in joining our server.

Thank you and we hope to see you soon!

Hey my friend plays here, may check it out!

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