[PVP][2X][RAID] Happy Hours Salt Generator



No rules, No active admin. Everything is scripted and automated.

All Complaint / Reports need video evidence.

Smack talk is tolerated as long as no religion, racial or life threats.

XP rate: x2
Harvest: x1.5
PVP: 24/7
Raid: All weekend
Saturday to Sunday 24/7

Drop Equipment on Death: Yes
God Avatars Enabled: Yes 30 seconds
God bubble: No
Chest & Box: Lockable (default unlocked)
Purge: Yes
Campfires and bedrolls removed daily.


Discord / https://discord.org/js9tGXW

PC- LF NEW official server ( EU )

Hello there would be happy to join yah! Hope your population grows.


Thank you! Ji.


Things just got fun on the server, we now have 9 small clans! Come join the fun!


Daily Bump