PVP/E Private server Xbox One looking for clans to Join us!

We are currently in search of players / smaller clans to add to our private PVP server. We are for group of players who enjoy the game and are looking to experience the game to its fullest while build a strong lasting community.

Server Rules:

• PVE play mixed with friendly raids to keep things fun and lively.
• Raids will be open during the weekends and all clans will be given 10 days to prepare before anyone can attempt to raid them.
• All players will be given a small loot box to begin your journey into the Exiled Lands and to help you get started.
• There will be rules in place to prevent drama and give everyone an equal opportunity to conquer the Exiled Lands!
• Clan size currently will be set at a maximum of 4 players per clan, but may be increased as the server size grows.
• Alliances will be allowed and encouraged, as well as trading among clans.
• There will be bazaars created that will be considered safe zones for trading and interacting with other players as well as a Clan Counsel to discuss changes and get feedback or requests.
• 2.5 boosted harvest / resources rate and increases build times to help speed up the building process. Shorter night to allow more adventurers and fun.

We have full intentions of keeping this server going for years to come, so we will only accept players willing to assist us in that journey. We want to ensure that we only have the best players and community and are all willing to invest time and effort into that. We will be honest and open to any suggestions and future changes to keep the community growing. Send any questions to iPauleyxx or ButterD97 on Xbox Live


Hi there. are you still recruiting members/clans for your server? and are you situated in the EU?
If so could me and my wife maybe join, cause it sounds like a real cool rule setting, and we would like to join a nice community in this fantastic game. Best regards.