Question- Available game content at the end of the Age of Sorcery


I have been away from the game for awhile, I took a break shorty after Chapter 2, so I am admittedly out of the loop on a few things.

Could someone explain, or point me to a source of information as to what elements of the Age of Sorcery will remain in game after the next Age begins?

Also if there is anything else that you think is noteworthy, please share.

Thanks in advance.

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As of right now:
Nowhere to turn in sorcerer or magi skulls.

No more giant khitan slaver carts spread all over the map. BUT, every vendor at Meks spire is there so every legendary is still open for purchase on a rotation.

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From what I know…

1)Attribute redo will stay including corrupted ones
2)Sorcery will stay
3) Kurak dungeon will stay

What isn’t staying.
Events-These were spotty anyways and I believe they are not going to make a comeback and most players aren’t pushing for them anyways
Eclipse-normal night returns but without super dark dark

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Idk, they were kinda fun I thought (when they worked). They just need better rewards. Anyway, yeah, gone… for now.

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