Question regarding server settings; Weather

Using the Admin Panel within game, I see there are settings to adjust Weather Severity and Wind Severity, both defaulted to 50. Trying to adjust those from the Admin Panel doesn’t do anything as they just reset back to 50 as soon as I close the Admin Panel. I figure I need to change them directly in the serverSettings.ini file. However, they aren’t listed in that file. Am I supposed to just add them in? If so, what is the correct syntax? If not, how do I make those adjustments?

For the record, I am being hosted from nfoservers and they do not have a web interface for changing the serverSettings.ini file. I can, however, access the file and make the changes myself.

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Right, well they wouldn’t be apparent if they aren’t being saved in the .ini file through the in-game interface.

But people are saying what the higher vs lower numbers do, so SOMEONE must be seeing an effect from them, and I suspect it is from a service that allows you to change their values through their web interface. That’s why I am hoping someone can tell me the syntax to make the change manually.

This is a really good question. Even me and many other server admins would be very interested in influencing the weather. I think that the mentioned settings in the admin Settings area are meant for it. After all, they have existed since the EA phase. Therefore, it is a pity that they obviously do not work. Hopefully the Devs will have an answer to your question. @Ignasis can you do a forecast for these weather system settings?

Pinging our team about it :slight_smile:

Edit 2: Got word back. Currently these settings seem to be still experimental. They’re leftovers from previous design iterations. It’s more likely for these settings to remain this way rather than being fully implemented features, so use at your own risk!


Thank you for the timely response!

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