Quick Avatar Token Question

Quick question.
I never really tried Avatar summoning. Realizing that it takes time to craft the token (I heard ~ an hour?) can I log out and when I log back in the token will be in my inventory? Or do I need to stay logged in?


ok… question #2.
I was testing in single player. I built a little T3 shack and I kept getting the “can’t summon here message”.

I built another shack next to it (identical) and I was able to summon from it? Is that just a glitch??

Well didn’t get a reply but I did go ahead and try it. Regarding my questions, it took ~ 1 hour for the token to be crafted. Not sure if I could have logged off or not (I suspect it would have been ok) but I decided NOT to chance it and just stay on for the full hour.

Probably. I don’t think you’re supposed to be able to summon next to your own structures (but I could be wrong).

60 minutes for token - 6 hours till its decay, it should be added to ur inventory even logged off, also altar will be destroyed with every items in it … I prefer to summon them near sinkhole or summoning place just beacause i play PVE and avatars do one hit all bosses :slight_smile:

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