Razma note #8 location

Cannot find it, any clue someone?

It was at -235590 70510 -3060, it was floating above the ground where they removed part of Sepermeru upon going live. I like those collectables and really want to find the new location to get the set…it might be moved to Razma’s house but I haven’t gotten the key yet to talk to her. I really want to find this also.

I wish they were part of the Journey system somehow… all of them, including the emotes and other stuff you can find around. Not as a simple target goal, but as a tick on an individual check list type of thing…

I really don’t know how many of them I found and how many I’m still missing, and the fact that you have to use an external site to track it it’s just wrong IMO.

Just place then on a chest like me.
I will check if I have the 8th and come back later.

Edit: Yes I have it, if I remmember right, it was near the entrance to Sepemaru near some camp fire, will check there.

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