RCON Set-up Information and RCON Chat Functionality Needed

From patch notes:

"Finally, and I know this is something private server admins will appreciate, we’re going to be rolling out RCON support for Conan Exiles. RCON (Remote Connection) allows server admins to remotely connect to their servers to spawn items, kick and ban players, use any availble admin command on a targeted player, as well as access the game database. This access is a very powerful tool and allows admins to look at the current live saved state of the server using SQL. The initial list of supported RCON commands will cover the most important features, but we have an option to expand this list based on community feedback.

The technical manual will be updated before launch with a short guide on RCON functionality."

I’ve got what I think is the most updated technical manual 1.4 but I don’t see any RCON information. Does anyone know where that info is? Thank you!

Im looking for the same information

Battlemetrics now provides RCON support for Conan Exiles which is awesome. But there is no game support for RCON chat. Having the functionality to be able to read chat will help us server Admins provide servers for Conan. Unofficial servers are integral to a survival games success and reach. Help us help you! :smiley:

RCON chat would be so helpful! I can’t log into the game every single time I notice someone log into my server. With RCON chat though I can at least say “Hey, you’re loved… and/or I’m watching you!” Seriously though, how am I to know if someone is being a jerk or not to other players if I can’t see someone call out for admin help?

Yeah, good question, wondering too where it is… really need the Restart warnings shown.

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Just found this: https://conanexiles.gamepedia.com/Rcon#Configuring_your_server

Also broadcast supported.

Thanks @Rowtag. I did find that link in searching. That method does work I’m just glad I found something more “user friendly”.

Btw, I found out if you use the “Broadcast” feature it will pop up a screen that each user on the game has to click “okay” to get rid of. That is awesome for super important announcements. It could really disrupt individuals game play though so we plan to use it sparingly.

Just another reason it would be nice to have the “chat” functionality where Admins could read and send cheat messages through RCON such as welcome messages like Kalizaar mentioned. It is really, really important for some of us to moderate chat so our communities stay friendly and welcoming.

The theme of Conan Exiles is more gritty and adult, but we still believe that we can have an inclusive community with the game. But we really need those tools. (Some of the mods out there really work against that.) I don’t want the Conan Exiles community as a whole to get a reputation as non-inclusive.

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