Realm-v-Realm Faction PvP: Bashar's Conan Server

Welcome! My server is intended to help reinvigorate the Conan Exiles end-game experience, keeping the game fresh after you’ve reached level 60 and acquired your favorite gear. Central to this is a land claim system where players compete to hold forts on the map for their faction.

While PvP is an important aspect of this server, there are roles available for all player types:

  • :crossed_swords: Fighters: Skilled warriors are needed to overcome a fort’s cadre of defenders. Additionally, a fort can’t be captured without a legendary key, so players will need to face enhanced world boss encounters to progress in faction play.

  • :hammer_and_wrench: Support: Newly conquered forts start with minimal security or features. By delivering supplies, you can upgrade them with stronger defenses, add more desirable wares to the embedded merchant, and generate a steady stream of gold coins as taxes. Supply boxes don’t come free, though, so resources will have to be sourced to purchase them.

  • :clinking_glasses: Social: Factions can be made up of several clans so communicators can play an important role in coordinating strategies, negotiating truces, or plotting betrayals. Scouting is also an important non-combat role, keeping an eye on the enemy from a distance and reporting on their movements.

:cinema: To get started, this video will help guide you toward advancing your character. There are key differences between my server and vanilla Conan Exiles, so it’s a recommended watch even for veteran players.

:cinema: This video offers a preview of the server’s core vision. I’m still building a core group of players to make this possible, so feel free to join my Discord channel linked below if you want to be part of the community.


  • Direct IP:
  • Steam Connect: steam://connect/

Discord Channel:

Mod List:

UPDATE 14-JUL-2024

Based on player feedback, this update sees improvements geared toward improving the new game experience.

  • Global harvesting rate has been increased slightly. While still below vanilla, this should help solo players can get established on the server.

  • A new quest giver named Captain Ironsides has been introduced to Cottonwood Cove. He offers a seven part quest line for low level players to earn experience points and silver coin.

  • Captain Ironsides will also sell an Eldarium Pick-axe to players who own the Isle of Siptah DLC. This helps equalize resource acquisition for high and low level players.

  • The tutorial quest offered by Dead Sea at the start now awards a lump sum of gold coins for reaching the Shattered Basin player hub. The gold can be used to level up your character by donating to the Priestess, buy epic quality gear, or Tier 3 building materials.

  • The Armorer at Cottonwood Cove now sells Tier 2 building materials for Stonebrick and Insulated Wood constructions. This gives lowbies an alternative to harvesting when setting up a starter base.

Note: Building decay is temporarily disabled until there is enough momentum to make faction play viable.

Come visit the good captain and get started exploring the Exiled Lands for fun and profit!