Recent update question

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Does the recent update end the hunt event? Because I am going to one be disappointed and laugh so hard I trigger my asthma, because it the ‘hunt’ was extended indefinitely until the next update, or was that a clarification for the next age loke sorcery then war then ??? Because a week or 2 is making me annoyed and laughing at same time.

If anyone know please let me know.:pleading_face::rofl::face_with_monocle:

Yesterday, I read that the hunt event will be extended and possibly be back again. You can search the forum for details. :grinning:

Yes extended to the next update, then was updated a few days after the stated extension of the event. So I am wondering if they mean next “age” update or this one that just pushed through.

The Hunt is still active, just stopped by the camp to refresh my warpaint.


Must be the next season or next age after the age of war good to know, thank you.

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