Recruiting a clan on PC for a YouTube series

Let me preface this by saying I’m a relatively known Conan YouTuber. I’ve done collabs with Conan YouTubers suck as Wak4863. If you are not comfortable with being recorded then don’t reply. I’ve been playing since early 2018. I have a YouTube series detailing my rise to NA pvp server 1530. The series is essentially done but I want to do one last hoorah and go on a raiding spree to all those who wronged me throughout my journey. Experience is not necessary but I’d like at least 1 decent fighter and 1 farmer. I’m not a dictator and I don’t require people to be on all the time. I’ll do most of the work. Players of all types are welcome. Let me know if you’re interested. It will be a blast.

I play on PC btw and I’m trying to keep the clan small. Anywhere between 3 and 6 people. First person to get a kill on an enemy gets to captain. I want 1 fighter captain and 1 farming captain. Everyone else reports to the captains. l will act as tie breaker in case any issues arise.

Discord and a mic is also required. Once again, come join the fun. Looking forward to hearing your replies. Thanks for reading.

Here’s a to one of my videos in case you want to know what kinda person I am.

Cool good luck!
I’ll check out the Conan vids

LMK if you’re interested in joining!

I only have ps5 version. But watched your video. Good luck recruiting help with them surrounding your base with junk foundations preventing your base growth.

There is a reporting system. I think through gportal or zendesk or whatever. But I saw you’ve tried that route in the past.