Red Stag 18+ PvP-RP

DISCORD: Red Stag 18+ Conan Exiles Rp/PVP/Erp

Red Stag 18+ PvP-RP, is a server that focuses heavily on Rp and PVP amongst all other aspects of conan. With a slight hint of fantasy.
We love to have RP as much as any other servers available with constant events by Admins and moderators to promote more RP.
We like to have the players make their own story and play it out as much as they can to their will without the negatives of RP ofcourse.
Come hang out with us and enjoy conan a slightly different way. Thank you!:bell:

:large_blue_diamond:LOW LATENCY!
:large_blue_diamond:HIGH PRIORITY GAME SERVER!
:large_blue_diamond:FRIENDLY COMMUNITY!

:gem:Max Level 120​:gem:
:gem:5x EXP​:gem:
:gem:5x Gather​:gem:
:gem:Fast crafting​:gem:
:gem:Unique Bosses​:gem:
:gem:Custom DMT content (dungeons):gem:
:gem:Player hub for community​:gem:
:gem:RP Focus with strong PVP​:gem:

MOD LIST COLLECTION Steam Workshop::The Red Stag rp/pvp 18+