Refrigerated saddles

Just a suggestion here. Since many things on Siptah are RNG nightmares to learn anything you want (COUGH:: Midnight Alchemist:: COUGH), how about a new saddle type…refrigerated which will not provide anything statwise to your mount but the ability to store things without an active decay timer (just like a fridge). That way we can actually use those potions we get from the one stars…right now they are pointless because most of us aren’t ready to restat when we run accross the random one star animal bosses.


Great idea, I personally support it.

Though the timers were placed on those types of potions specifically so you couldn’t carry them any significant distance with regards to PvP.

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I’ve wanted something similar but in the form of a 10 slot bag you can craft for in your inventory.

The bag can only hold food and has to have salt in it as well to preserve the food longer

Call it a preservation bag

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Refrigerated saddles huh… What, your morning visits to the frozen throne not enough for you? :wink:


Exactly the same idea, exactly. I see more easiness on @erjoh idea, because saddles already exists in the game, so all you have to do is create another saddle with the preservation ability, yet another good thought here is this saddle to be only for rhino. This way rhino mount will gain more meaning, I mean right now, the way rhino mount is, rhino’s are more cosmetic than useful :man_shrugging:. So this… Maybe it would give me second thoughts to use a rhino mount again :wink:.
But, I love the bag idea more :rofl::rofl::rofl:.

I’ve been playing around with the rhino a lot and have found a great use for it, pump his agility and vit, walk in and camp to agro the npcs then back up, they will attack the rhinos front and with his height and size he takes most of the hits and barely takes damage, hell I used him to run 30 statues in a row at the pools, and i barely took any damage. A poison pike on his back also lets you poke the dudes in front and drop them faster, i never use horses anymore, the rhino can tank like or crazy , when using his horn attack to is has massive armour pen, mine will kill anything under 170hp just by sprinting, horn does about 175 for damage usually to(gotta angle camera over left shoulder

Also only use the lowest tier basic saddle as none of the rhino saddles actually add armour like their supposed to, use the basic once for its better stamina burn and endurance

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@HrothgarFrosthound , Thank you very much for all these information. You just made me think of using my fat boy again :+1:t6:.

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I kind of like this idea.

I’ve always thought there should be a type of horse saddle that adds slots to your horse’s inventory, but make them unable to be ridden. Kind of like converting them into a pack mule.
I think of this ever time my horse joins me in a dungeon or a vault. Can’t ride them in there anyway.


Still on page of custom saddles in general.
Love alot of designs, But wish they had a 1 or 2 slots to change what they do.

Low levels can have 1 slot, Higher can have 2.

Much like Weapon/Armor add on’s.

  • Add 5 Slots.
  • Add 10 slots (high level one)
  • reduce decay by 50%. (fridge saddle) Or even put ice in inventory… and turn it into walking fridge. XD
  • Stamina Up
  • Str up (other stats)
    and on and on.

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