Reinforced Animal Pen dimensions

I just build a 10x10 solid base for a Reinforced Animal Pen, but it keeps warning about not enough space or items in the way.
How much room does it need?

You probably need to adjust the height of the pen, usually pens are too low in the foundation and can’t be placed until it’s lifted a bit. The height adjustment is usually Shift+Mouse Scroll.


I’m on PS4, had no idea the height could be adjusted.
Left it all crooked, will try next time :vulcan_salute:t3:

On PS4 it’s triangle + R2 / L2 to adjust up and down the foundation height. But be careful with the height adjustment for your T3 Animal Pen. I made the max height for the 10 * 10 foundation and when i put the animal pen its front sunk inside the foundation, making me unable to climb in and so unable to use it. I had to destroy the pen and the foundations.
Put yourself in ghost mode to fly above your 10*10 foundations if you can. It’s easier to place the animal pen with accuracy.

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I did, thanks!
Lost so much time with that huge building…

So it worked ? I gave up on animal pen after that fail. It’s still a part of the game I’ve never tried and I’m not sure how it works. Maybe I’ll give another try to get a rhino or elephant Turan caravan pet. Might be useful when I decide to move from north of Sepermeru to another place.


MY EXPERIENCE 10 X 12, 3 HIGH from the floor.
the outline should be foundations (except airlock door of course), which makes actual place able area 8x10. The 8 is important, because you can now run ceilings above and enclose it.
mats needed
2-door frames


It worked, just needed to lift it some.
Caravan are great, just are sure you have the food when you take them out of the pen so you can craft the caravan before placing them on the floor.

I was able to do it with 1 and with 2 from the floor :+1:t3:
Thanks for the minimum dimensions.

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