Reminder: Twitch Event Drops

what else is its purpose? explain if you have a better theory, its artificially incentivising viewership, hell what you got depended on watch time.

Well, since you ask:

First of all I don’t think its a foul gimmick to get more engagement on social media, I think its pretty fair a team as Funcom may use events like this to promote their game on social media.

Giving both watchers and content creators rewards for the engagement seems nice to me and feels way more rewarding.

If you wanna move people they usually want something back, so they gave them rewards for doing so :wink:

Allow me then! Funcom policy from the very start was solid!
If you buy now you will have this bonus (atlantean gear)
If you help me I will grand you the Asuras title and you will have everything I fix for free!
They remove the title but still name npcs after players or streamers!
If you watch this stream you will get this gear (watchers).
No matter how many hours you played.
No matter how many servers you pay for others to play.
No matter nothing, their word so far was solid and they are keeping it even if you don’t play their game anymore! Did you see neebs gaming to fix another video for Conan exiles?
Don’t you see that some Asuras don’t play the game anymore and they don’t even participate in the social media?
The reason they change nothing is because their word “so far” was solid, this is what Scandinavians are my friend, they keep their word, rare people!
Tencent is your goal for this, they can press for this to change for profit! But prepare to pay for every piece 1000 Crom coins with rng status, something like, open the box with coins and gain a recipe… If you have double it’s your problem not ours :wink:.

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I’m still abit old fashion…

I play the game, I get stuff to unlock.
I watch someone else play, and get awards.

I’d much rather do the 1st one. XD
I don’t use twitch, not a fan of its set up. I don’t wanna sign up for it…

I was willing pay for the items… but no. Funcom doesn’t want my money on this. >_>

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You didn’t have to pay it was free haha
And to be honest, I didn’t watch the streams.

But it gave a lot of streamers a chance to bloom too, so it was kinda nice idea :slight_smile:

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You do know why this world is ruined! Because a lot of people believe that money is above word! And since it’s the plurality our world is getting worst and worst every day! Money cannot buy everything my dear friend and this is multiple times proven. Money can by “word” but the one who is selling it has no honor anymore. Any vitrue is not for sale, it should not be, not even asked to do so.
You are going to tell me that I am very romantic living in my own world, no I am not, I keep my word no matter the cost, because men are men only when they do so! There for when I see someone do the same I pay my respects!
Honored by keeping your word has a price, other times it’s “expensive”, other times it’s “heavy” and sometimes both!
Then you will tell me, Stelio it’s a business, they work for money! True, but not selling and keeping their word is only good for me, even if I will never be able to fix the atlantean sword!
In my eyes they are really high!


Developers keeping their word is extremely rare nowadays.
Because everyone thinks money is the key to acces or should be cause that’s “fair”.

Glad Funcom will keep this promise.

Sadly in the real word money can influence even human rights… I hope this will end one day… :')

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Giving your word one human to another is one thing.

Company finding weird ways to give out content, when there are people wanting said content…but not wanting to jump thru hoops. Or sign up for stuff… is abit differnt.

I’m fine with Funcom staying on there no Conan Sword/Armor for DLC stance… its fine…

It just sucks if someone wants them, they have go out and pay 40-60$ for sealed Day 1 version of game to get them. (which Funcom no longer makes money on those copies) Its not really a exclusive item.

Or they could… sell them for 5-10$, make money to support the game. And not wall of people. =p

And Twitch drops arent really exclusive ether if someone drops them… >_>


They don’t make money on these? How does that work? I’m curious :stuck_out_tongue:

should be obvious its resale, all day one copies are already sold, they don’t print and sell them anymore

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I have faith in Funcom for this, like I said it’s a Scandinavian based company! I have no faith in Tencent, no faith at all. They are here 6 months? Everything is upside down! How many times in the past did you see update on Sunday? I had the luck in my life to be a boss and an employee and I can understand both sides! I know a lot about slaying with smile and paper cut in business trust me!
If they wish(tencent) , they will, have no doubt and no, I don’t believe they have a word, all they have is numbers and profits, they are not Funcom!

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I’m seriously confused now…

all day one copies of the game are sold and no longer in print, you can no longer buy a day one copy unless you buy a sealed day one copy from someone that has already bought it (Resale)

All the profit funcom has made off the day one copies has been made, there is no profit in the resale value for funcom.

Yeah but here you speak of existing copies, not newly sold or added.
Buying a day one copy is fine if someone can find it.

Reselling new copies isn’t.

Oh… been so long since I had to describe it.

Funcom makes a order for insert amount.

Supplier Nabs them up (Funcom gets money), deals them out to lets say Walmart and Best Buy.
Who then make there Money.

Option A.
Supplier still has Copies of game. Walmart reorder copies does nothing.

Option B.
Supplier is out, and ask for more.
Funcom makes money. (Alot of stuff going on) And Walmart gets more copies.

Don’t think CE is still being printed. Your basically buying a Copy of game already bought by supplier or a chain like Walmart/best Buy.

Sven (Former Head of Capcom NA(Also Gaming Journalist) Pretty much explained, most companies make there money in 1st few weeks of games release. (Popular games getting more copies made gets them more money)
(question asked was, buying new copy or used copy months after release) His Answer was, Save a Buck, Buy it on Sale, or Used. As Money has been made that far in.

Also explained that places have deals in place, so when game does poorlry etc.

Capcom Forums now defunked, and original post is lost to time… So buying CE Day 1 edition on ebay. You just buying game, thats passed thru system.

Hmm alright thanks for the explanation.
I will stay out of it because I don’t see evidence and I don’t know how this works even after your explanation (just me).

In short:
Buying a day one copy to get those items is fine, if they exist why not allow using them.
If they’re making new copies after the day one version with the items, then its not okay.

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Main difference really is.

Pre-order items are basically on a Print out sheet that comes with Day 1 disc.
Think there a 2nd print, that doesnt come with code.

Were as alot of pre-orders you get spare items separately.

In General, Alot of Sealed copies of CE around. Not to hard to get… but you often buying out of Europe. (if you want full nudity) Paying higher price and then shipping.

if u on pc , count me in if u want me to hop in and help u with the boots!!! (even the simple version for the illusions)

i can also help if u on pc!!! can’t craft u gloves or torches though


but u can ANY armour that u can use illusioned as a watcher if u know one to do it!!! ur not entitled to armour , but u can handle illusioned items u r entitled of