Report Player Official Server

Can anyone say me how can i report players on a official Server? 1 Player on the Server blocked a Obelisk…

Thank you all

Hey there ! here is the link of the topic you seek : Official Servers - Terms of conduct, guidelines and procedures

I suggest you to read it all carefully since it helps you understand why you maybe can’t pm yet a community member in the note for new users

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For the players who continue to block obelisk or dungeons, we need an immediate ban of the clan + delete everything they had from the server database.

You block something? You are wiped, simple.

After no one will block something on an official server :slight_smile:

Ok thank´s i think i have found it :slight_smile:

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Guidelines are :pushpin: pinned at the top of the related (sub)forum.

See also: Useful links on the wiki for more useful links.

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Also just a heads up , Funcom does not work on the weekends so might be Monday before you hear back from them.

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