Reporting griefing on official server 1037 PVE-Conflict

Someone on server 1037 on PVE-Conflict has spammed foundations on the Frozen Slopes ( D-E 13), not allowing the spawn of Star Metal meteorites, and I’d like to report it. I’ve taken some screen shots to prove it. As i’m a new forum user i cannot upload them nor post links, so if someone can tell me where to send the proves i’d appreciate it.

Hope this can be solved :slight_smile:

It could be if you take the time to read the rules and report it properly: [PLEASE READ] Official servers - Terms of conduct, guidelines and procedures

As i’m a new forum user i CAN’T send DMs

There are instructions in link for new accounts.

My bad, failed to understand those instructions. I thought i had to create 5 posts and 30 messages before being able to send DM. So i’ve already sent it :slight_smile:
Thank you for your help!

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