Resurect other players

Any chance in getting some sort of rez for other players? If put in of course it should be a very long cast time on the item, but it’d be nice to have

Characters respawn 10 seconds after their death at their respawn point. If they have more than one they have the choice between them. Where is the need to raise a dead character, then ?


Although I’m not a proponent of resurrection in CE since that really, really didn’t happen with any frequency in any of the lore I can see the allure. Overt the weekend, my wife died by New Asgard, but her bed is down by the newbie river. Yes, our party picked up her gear. Yes we were over unencumbered. And yes, she had to make a mad dash to the nearest map room to teleport to the mounds and then run to meet up with us. It was a naked iron woman, without the bicycle.

Of course if she hadn’t attuned the obelisk or had a map room handy, none of this would have been possible. So long story short dying is bad for adventures. I think we’ve all been there though. It’s just part of the survival aspect.

Honestly, this is why I like the more casual PVE style of play. I enjoy going adventuring but I’m a builder at heart and don’t have the time to grind out both scenarios. On PVE servers you find QoL structures like map rooms, wells, and elevators, throughout the land.

Ever done a dungeon ? :slight_smile:

I only did the Dregg in solo, since I’m only playing solo / co-op for now. I’ve wondered if you can put a simple bedroll in a dungeon ? So if you die you can respawn inside it. If it’s impossible I understand that resurrecting dead characters could be useful. But with only seconds before a respawn, it must be done quickly. A good solution could be that once the resurrect ritual is started the normal respawn is stopped. It’d be simpler to allow putting a bedroll at a dungeon’s entrance.

But you can already do it :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Of course, not at the very entrance of the dungeon, but you can.

For example in the story telled by @JTtheDestroyer: ok she didn’t, but if his wife placed a bedroll near New Asagarth before entering the city she had not to travel half of the map to recover her stuffs.

The only two dungeons I know where it’s not even a good choice to do it (but still, you can do it) it’s the black keep and the Well of Skelos, because you know… or you place also a chest near the bedroll with an emergency armor or the cold/heat will kills you again before recovering your stuffs :wink:

I’m the first who forgotten so many times to do it and after my death I had to travel half of the map, ok, but as in Italy we say: “Chi non ha testa ha gambe” (it means: who never pay attention on what he’s doing has to be a good runner :wink: )


Lol. Shame on us, we completely forgot about such a simple but helpful precaution. You go so long without dying that you get forgetful.

The only positive… I got to watch her run naked across half the exiled lands. :joy::joy::joy:



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