Rideable Pets or Tames?

I think there should be some pets that you can ride, Gazille, Bear, Boar would all be perfect examples, Maybe even the gorilla. I feel like it would add a new way of combat, moveability, and strategies to the game. You could even add horses to roam around a certain area. A clan all riding horses or some kind of pet would be an amazing sight to see. For example, A new player joins the game and he wants to head up north to get out of the sand. On the way, he passes this huge clan going the other direction all riding whatever pet. It would be an experience that no one would forget. Maybe even add lances to graze players as you go by?

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You might want to look around a bit. This is a very popular topic and has been discussed many, many times.

As for an official answer, the status is “not gonna happen”, as per here:

It was planned once upon a time, but proved technically infeasible. The right choice in my opinion, the game world isn’t really big enough to warrant mounts, and mounted combat is very tricky to get right - not something you do as an afterthought, certainly! But anyway - I digress.

I see, I do see how that makes sense, the map isn’t that big, and the terrain would be a pain to get around with mounts, should have thought about that earlier :/.

It’s still a good question. They advertised the game as having mounts originally and hinted at mounted combat (somehow).

There should be mounts and there is a mod now that is doing it, though I can’t speak to how good it is. This, like crossbows, is just something the devs have deemed to difficult or not worth the trouble for whatever reason.

Personally, I tend to think it’s a cop-out but it depends on how much time and effort they wish to put in the game to grow it. Mounts certainly aren’t a must have but they would be nice.

Yeah. If mounts were one of the premises to begin with, I’d have that feeling too. I don’t know when they were promised tho.

If the map was twice as big, then I would see the point of mounts. I can run from one end of the map to the other just fine and not feel it was an all day ordeal. THAT is when mounts are needed in a game. Additionally other than a select few areas, the terrain doesn’t really support mounts all that well. You need much larger “Walking Simulator” areas for it to make more sense.

But I understand there is obsession with ridable toys in games like this, regardless if they have a purpose or not, and that’s pretty much what it boils down too (for me at least.) Companies need to be very careful with their advertisements as well, the obsessed do not forget (or forgive) so easily.

As for me … Im part of team “I dont care”

Mounts aren’t really necessary. It’s not that hard to get around in the game as it is.

We really need to get that Sticky Topic up, with the title:

Mounts are a Hard No. Don’t suggest this.

Maybe it’d cut down on some of these from popping up once or twice a week.

i’d personally say they are not needed… as the map is so small and has such rough terrain. although… if you want my opinion i’d guess that they are working on it but have said that “its not happening” to keep their image intact. if they manage it great! surprise update! if not… no one expects it anyways! (just my humble opinion… I could be/ likely am completely wrong lol)

It’s all over where they talk about having mounts. It was supposed to be part of the taming patch but they said mounts were never going to be a thing a few weeks before the patch came out.

Not really. There is a mod that is trying to do it, but it’s falling very far short of the goal indeed. Which is not to criticize the mod, I’m sure its author is doing a lot of work (past or present, not sure). But there is no mod that is “doing it”.

Mounts were initially cancelled (sorry, “indefinitely delayed”) back in the days when the game was approaching the end of Early Access. Along with several much more interesting features. I don’t remember them being brought back on the table for the Taming patch, but I’m too lazy to go and check so I’ll leave that unchallenged.

You remember correctly. I’ve got plenty of stored timestamps and dev streams to prove that. Not once did they ever say it was going to come out for the October taming patch. There’s plenty of Joel posts and such about mounts coming in early 2017 of course. But the October 2018 pets patch? Nope

The last and only hope the pro mount crowd had for mounts was during Joel’s Firespark interview where he described how he would approach them (his idea was to speed cap mounts on low end machines, but that was just A problem not THE problem, there are other issues) if they decided to do it. That was in August of 2018. Since then it’s been “no news on mounts” or Jen’s saying he personally didn’t feel mounts would ever come.

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