Running and Roll Attacks

Like in Darksouls; 'nuff said.

I’ve never played Dark Souls, so I’ve no idea how this feature would work. It’s possible some Conan Exiles developers haven’t, either. So if you want to have Funcom borrow features from another game, it may be useful to actually explain the feature you want to have.

Dark souls has an amazing highly sophisticated combat system with a single feature called Parry that negates all of it.


Like every other game with advanced combat. Yawn!

Parries your “Yawn! Ultra Greatsword” with a dinner plate

They fix your bugs/glitches yet?

Heck no :rage:

edit: Maybe one, we’ll see.

Same on sorcery.

What the heck are you doing with your life good sir? :V

If the PvEers that complained about PvE difficulty in Conan Exiles being too hard ever played Dark Souls, especially Dark Souls 3. They would never complain about PvE being difficult in Conan Exiles ever again.

Gdang, remember the countless people literally stuck on the first boss for days at the launch of DS3?

That was a thing? I got that on launch and killed him after maybe three or four attempts. Dark Souls III isn’t even the hardest Dark Souls in my opinion, I’d put Dark Souls at hardest, Dark Souls II being easiest.

As for the OP, I’d prefer they iron out any bugs/flaws with the current combat system before trying to add more to it.

It was, I wasn’t new to it myself so I beat em by the 4th try but there were tons of people straight up stuck on that boss for quite some time when it first came out.

Showboating aside, they were significantly more advanced.

Err… Playing Conan Exiles? (And Japanese high school teen drama games. They’re a great balancing factor for senseless slaughter.)

The elder scrolls and fallout series.

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