Sad realization before moving on

Game mode: [Online | official and private
Problem: [Crash | Bug | Performance | Misc] all

This is getting to the point of inexcusable… on multiple occasions now I have items disappearing out of storage. I play daily and I had just collected a bunch of orbs to start my runs to the north to crack some star metal. Except now all of my orbs are gone. You claim you are fixing things yet things are consistently braking or staying broke. I am at wits end … how much time I’ve wasted just to have them disappear. Your team is worthless and your excuses and apologies don’t make up for the sad state your game continues to be in.
This is not the first time and don’t try to convince anyone it will ever be fixed you failed admit it .
Lying to your community constantly doesn’t help . Good luck selling content to poor saps. I feel bad for those you’ve got fooled that you care.

Steps on how to reproduce issue: game daily
2.try to avoid aggravation due to poor coding
3.wait for updates
4.get continually screwed out of your hard work something else because assuming this garbage will ever be fixed is a waste of hope
6.try again later still not fixed and you are still apologizing and releasing more be content breaking the game further. Content that should be free mind the horrid state that all players have dealt with.

Step 1: don’t be a jack-a$$ and read the patch notes. Orbs were delete on all servers because of some people duping .

Step 2: quit the game and move on.

Step 3: realize your Folley, cry and moan some more on the forums and keep playing anyways .

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