San Andreas Roleplay Community Serious RP Recruitment

San Andrea Roleplay Community RP Serious RP Community!

We Have Custom Jobs And Staff,Developers, Admins,Interviews, more opportunities
.TeamSpeak Tokovoip & Salty Chat Plugin
.DOJ & Nopixel Combined
.Custom Jobs
.DOJ Court System :Lawyers,Judges,Federal government Jobs,Prosecutor, More
.Truck Driver
. FRUIT Pickin
. BIKER Gangs
.24/7 Store
. Car Racing
.Life Invader
.University Of Los Santos
.Night Clubs & Bars
.Taco Runs
.Hot Dog Stand
.Delivery Services
.Store Restocked
.Fruit Stand
.Window And Car Wash Jobs
.Burger King
.Diamond Casino & Resort
.Black Market
.Driving School
Fire & Police Academy
.Recycle Center
.Criminal Organizations
.24/7 Store
.Business Ownerships
.Gun Dealers
.Ammunation V2
So much more offer

Were under development but we’re new and need team members and staff ASAP . WE’RE big on core values and play as IRL, we don’t go against violation of our rules and will be dealt with accordingly. Come on today and join us now . For Our Team We Have A seperate team discord

DM Me On Discord PandaMassacre#5161
Ricky “Ghost” Lyons is Owner


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