Sanctuary of the Serpent-vault question

It is more of a question than a bug-report, but I noticed a door that I couldn’t open, and I know there’s a room behind it as I heard serpent-men behind it. To prove I wasn’t wrong, I went close to the door and started to use my axe, and loand behold, I killed something behind the door. See screenshots for the area I’m talking about. I spent some time looking for a trigger, anything really, to open the door, but no luck.

To the right of the room with the locked door, notice the grid.

To the left of the room with the locked door, notice the waterfall.

The door in question. I tried to interact with everything in the dungeon to see if there’s a hidden trigger, but no luck.

I don’t mind spoilers, so anyone with a tip to figure out how to access the room would be greatly appreciated.


Yes i have bean thinking about that to, thanks for bringing that up!

I’m not sure if that is the vault that there is a secret panel (it’s in one of the serpent ones), you open it by a torch that you can interact with on the wall

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Exactly ! a yellow torch that doesn’t glow like the other ones on the level below

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The torch you’re thinking about is in the Snakemen-vault.

Here I go through the entire vault, to save some time, I got rid of all mobs up until the boss-room, from where I started. I didn’t find anything unusual. The torch you’re thinking about might be in the other vault close to the small city on the east-coast. This vault is on the west-coast inside the huge city.

There is a room with a walk around to the other area you and many levers. Or hmm dont know about that door maybe i opened it have to go back and look again

Ok. The room with many levers opens the doors to the ‘closets’ with some of them having chests. I looked around, and I think they forgot to add the trigger from the floor-button opening up the boss-arena to also open the door and the gitter on the slope ut to the corridor for fast access.

Edit. I went through and there’s no trigger. Probably a bug, so I’ll note as a bug.

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