Sandstorm underwater at Sunken City

Had this happen on dedicated server last night. I was taking damage while swimming deep in the water. Full vision blocking sand and all.

Also, I was having a terrible time trying to access my thrall’s inventory when in the dungeon rooms of Sunken City. When I would click on my thrall, I kept taking drinks, as if I were still swimming in the water.

Mods list:
1273074761 75% more Women
1273419074 Swift Elevator
1467634310 Tier 4 thralls half increase spawn
1629644846 Kerozards Paragon Leveling - A Multigun Refresh
1579057391 Stygian Building Kit
1492683083 Less Building Placement Restrictions - Overlaps Edition - No NPC Camps
884162441 LitMan Item Stack
1268176328 Stun bow
1675301072 sp_boss_hp
1553322363 All Weapons Glow
864199675 pickup+
1657405542 AG mods Lethal Arrows
1316788362 NoBodyHair
1880611358 Animal Taming Cage
1488578417 Strays Clock
1825524408 no support needed roof pieces
1383365330 NoxUIChanges

I can post a video of the sandstorm if needed

Edit: I did a bit of searching, apparently this has been a known issue for sometime now.

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Yes apparently where the door to get into some dungeons may be inside sand storm radius certain dungeons like the abesmaly remenet sorry don’t spell good offers protection since you are inside but you are outside in the water so always keep your sandstorm mask with you cause for example in the dungeon with the scorpions queen you are too far from the roof to be considered protected but always keep it with you. I am also one that brought this conversation up 5 months ago so this is how it goes lol

yea it happened to me too when we enter any place we can get sandstorm in there pretty weird

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