Savage Frontiers - XBOX Release Date

Any rough idea on when the Savage Frontiers DLC will be released for the XBOX?

Think it’s October 17th

Is the price the same like the other dlc?

On the PC it was $9.99

I would imagine it is the same for the xbox.

Sitting here on 17-Oct… watching and waiting… will the DLC drop today? @Jens_Erik

It went live today :slight_smile: I just checked my own Xbox One and the Savage Frontier Pack was for sale in the store.

@Jens_Erik - What? My screen still showed Jewels of the West as the most recent DLC as of a few minutes ago. Let me go into the game and actually click on the DLC link to see what happens.

I just double-checked. I still only see Jewels of the West as the latest DLC. Location - Americas.



Should the server show an update date as of 17-Oct for the DLC as well?


Hm, I’ll check to see if something went wrong in updating that. But if can be found in the store right now:

I was able to find it in the store. Thanks.

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Now it should also pop up when you open the game :slight_smile:

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