Saved game exploded

Just now I tried to Resume my solo game, and my buildings exploded before my very eyes immediately as the game started. Even my hero, Conan, disappeared. The map was still there, but it was empty of everything I did.

Moments later as I watching in shock, the game autosaved the empty game so when I surrendered and tried to Resume again all I got was the empty map.

A solution to this is to allow manual saves. In all my other games with multi-session games or long campaigns, I keep multiple saves so that I can feel confident there is risk of all my time playing the game so far being lost due to technical problems. I also like to be able to go back to an earlier save if I find that I made a mistake and I’d like to resume this particular game session but try something different (and not have to start from the beginning again). Some people may be opposed to allowing manual saves, arguing that can make the game “too easy”, but the answer is if you don’t like to use manual saves, then don’t use them. I like to use manual saves, so please allow those of us who like to do so, to do so.



Hey there @Frankie, I don’t believe we had come across this issue yet, are you able to share this savegame with us so that we can look into it?

Yes, just let me know how I send it to you.

We’ll reach out to you through DM with further details!