Seekers of the Dawn DLC - How to repair Yamatai weapons?

This might be a bug.

I have Iron Broadsword and the Stone Sword feats to go along with this. But it tells me I don’t have the expertise to repair this item.

What exact expertise is needed?

Do you own the DLC?

Well yeah, that’s the only way you can get those things on PS4.

You cannot cheat them in using the Admin panel, because it will say Failed Spawning 1x Game Item #pc

Seekers is the only DLC I’ve purchased, so far. Because I prefer the Japan-theme.

Is it the standard weapon or and exceptional/flawless version? If is the standard just make sure you still have the feat as sometimes you have to purchase them for 0 feat points. If is one of the others then take it back to the workstation you made it at and repair it inside there

Owners of other DLCs can throw DLC items on the ground for other players to use. The non owning DLC players just can’t repair them. So that’s why I checked.

Other then that, CrimsonDrake just posted what you should need :slight_smile:

Ah, I didn’t know that.

No I play solo offline. :slight_smile:
Just little old me against the Exiled Lands and all the blood and carnage it will suffer at my hands.

Got it working. Now I just need the money to purchase the other four.


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