Seeking talent for upcoming AoC based youtube Mini Series

Greetings Hyboria!

Your friendly neighborhood Spreadman here,

Just wanted to let everyone know that I have begun working on an intro and scripts for a new comedic mini series that will premiere on my Youtube channel called “Hyborian Tales - Age of Conan Adventures”. In a nod to the youtube series “The Roleplayer”.

This new miniseries will consist of 5-10 min episodes centered around certain Player characters, Non Player Characters, Game environments and everything else under the sun!

The entire mini series will be filmed using in game footage and real voice actors!

The first episode will be called “The Game Masters” - an episode depicting those folks we all hate to love!! The GMs!

Followed by “The Gankster” based on a certain player who loves to gank duels, has a penchant for drama and believes he is a gangster / black professional boxer / actual dueler. TBEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

More episodes to follow!

Got an idea? Let Spread know on Discord!!

I’ll be looking for help and most shooting will occur on Crom PVE with occasional shots on Fury. Anyone interested in taking part should let me know on discord.

I’ll be looking to start shooting sometime around mid April.

I’m looking for location scouts, people willing to do voiceover work as well as player actors for various scenes to be shot in game.

All who participate will be credited but there will be no other compensation.

All are encouraged to apply!


Possibly you mean mid may or June?

Anyways, very nice initiative :slight_smile:

I can’t wait to watch this fiasco.

I can’t wait to learn of the origin story of TBE, TMT, Floyd, and Baby Wipes

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Good luck

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