Serpentman Brute does zero damage

Game mode: [Online
Problem: Bug
Region: North America

So, while doing work for the wiki, I spawned a Serpentman Brute to see what it’s “killed by” name was. I spawned it, and waited. It took several swings at me, and none seemed to connect. I checked “God” mode…wasn’t in it. Waited a few minutes, moved around, etc…nothing. Was wondering if it was server lag or something and went on.
The next day the exact same thing happened in the Well of Skelos. I’m clearning down there to take pictures of the bosses in their natural habitat, and run into a lone Brute. Out of curiousity I wait…and it does nothing. I think somehow it’s not hitting the hitboxes.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Either admin spawn a Serpentman Brute, or go down into the well of Skelos and find one.
  2. Let it attack you.
  3. Go make a sandwich, watch TV, etc.
  4. Die of starvation or thirst before the Brute even does damage.