Server 1051 is down

Looks like the game is approaching a “maintenance” mode like it was before Age of Sorcery , back then a few hours downtime was normal , the record was what ? 18 hours ?

So far it’s 3 hours and it’s still down.

Oficial PVE server 1051 , EU

stil down
8 hours 45 mins

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realy ?
one day and still nothing ?

reported on the forum and via zendesk and nothing …
server down for 25 hours …

what is the point of compensation and multipliers if the server is down ?

43 hours guys,.,…still offline

Hi Keldy,
it seems they moved the server to another IP address. I also thought it was down, because it is not reachable via DirectConnect and is not seen in favorites. But I just tried to search for 1051 in the server list and voila, found it and connected successfully. Hope this helps. Don’t ask me why nobody communicates though…

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thanks for the advice , I’m going to try it and hopefully I’ll meet you on the server soon

edit :
Yeah it worked and I’m going to text the clan how to join the game

Otherwise it’s good that they didn’t even let the players know, I heard from zendesk yesterday that they were investigating and nothing since. So 2 days when the bonuses are gone , just classic Funcom style communication

I really wonder what they would have done if everything fell apart because of the decay timers - I’m just saying we wouldn’t have started again, there would have been a clear unistall and bye

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