Server crash every Day

Official server 8062 (pve conflict siptah) crashes up to 6 times a day, even on an empty server. And it always takes an hour or more to get back. It’s terrible to play

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Welcome to the Forum. Some have mentioned logging into a different type of server and logging out and back to the one you want and fixes it not having the issue so have not tried. @TrueAntilord.

It’s no use, the server crashes for everyone. The 8065 server also faces the same problem. Every day and several times. Perhaps the fact that the buildings have not deteriorated in siptah is causing this BIG problem

We are also playing on a Siptah server waiting on decay to return have seen no mention of when it might be fixed off hand I think it’s a large cluster bomb see I used a nice word :grinning: does not always happen when I am ready for bed :grinning: @TrueAntilord

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