Server crashed and still down after an hour

American Official PVE server 8052 crashed and gas been down for just over an hour now. I’ve tried several times to log back in and lose connection everytime. I’ve checked my internet connection and it’s not the problem. The server comes up in the search like it’s up and running but I’m unable not log into it. I’ve also closed and relaunched the game twice now. The only other thing I can do is restart my console but I highly doubt that will fix the problem of me getting into the server.

I don’t think this is a user side issue. I play on an 80 server for Siptah as well, and it crashes multiple times a day at random for different lengths of time.

I already know it wasn’t a user side issue I was saying that stuff for all the wanna be admins that think they could tell me to do one of those that I’d already done to fix the issue. But yeah this one has done it a couple of times before this but it’s come right back up after a couple of minutes. This time I lost count of how many times I tried to get back on before giving up finally to go play something else with a friend.

Update 5 hours later and the server is still down. This ridiculous. There’s no sense in a server going down for this long of a period of time. FUNCOM, get on it and fix this mess. Do some actually server maintenance or something.

The crashes would not be bad, but losing all my gear when it does is down right frustrating.

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