Server down after restart

I just started playing today when the game prompted the 10 minutes server restart message.

Now over 25 minutes later since the restart itself and the server is still down…

Please oh please funcom…

Server 3020 PvE Exiled Lands

*update - after about an hour the server was back online, can anybody (from function preferably) tell me what this could have been please??

Oh, and now 5 minutes in again, another 10 minutes warning prompt… So much for a nice afternoon of Conan Exiles… :man_shrugging:t2::man_facepalming:t2:

Almost 2 and a half hours after the initial restart, server 3020 is still down… Anybody else experiencing the same thing on other servers??

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Okay, now I’m really starting to get nervous!! Server 3020 is still not online!!

@Funcom_Community anybody have an answer for me here please??

Well apparently, beside nobody bothering to answer this, after the restart the server was “deleted” from my favorites…

Still a very strange occurrence if you ask me tho, two 1 hour server resets in the middle of the day and then out of my favorites list…

Wouldn’t mind an answer to this non the less.

Usually if it’s not on your favorites it’s down/rebooting again. That happens fairly regularly on my server too. It’s just a waiting game, unfortunately.

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Never ever happened to me before tbh. Not during the reboot, not after…

Just saying

(oh, and i have 2800+ hours in it since almost the very beginning, so I’m not JUST saying lol)

It’s not a very common occurrance, sometimes the servers are down for a short while but now i’m also missing about half of my favorited servers. I think they are all EL in EU, all of the Siptah ones seem to be there if i remember correctly.

The timer on all the servers I have played was about 40 min.


Yesterday we made a change to the IPs of some servers and this is why it disappeared from your favorites and you were having issues logging on.

Hope this helps.


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