Server has disappeared, unable to find it?

Hi all was just playing on server now when I try to go back in it’s not on my list and unable to find it in search?. Is this some sort of update the owner of server needs to do?.


p.s gives us some peace of mind if this is the case.

Hey there! In order to help you more, we need more information. What platform are you playing on and what is the server number? Please note that Xbox and PS4 received a hotfix, as we’ve announced here and in social media. So the servers may still be in the process of updating.

PC-pve-c EU SEVER, think it was called Isle of wight, private with mods, sorry not sure the full name of server.

have yo try to check “unviable” in your search form ?

Nothing, when you say unviable thats on conan not steam right?

i was speaking about this

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