Server invalid after patch


Greetings All,
I get the message Server Invalid.
Auto downloaded it,resterted it 4 times.
Still get message.
It is a GameServer Server.
Thank you.


Just tried the server I played on before I got this one.
Same Message.
Hope this helps the devs?
Again thanks


Ive read in the patch notes thread they are already working on a hotfix for this :wink:


Oh Thank You.
I will look at it on Steam.
I was just reading the notes and I only saw they were talking about performance issues.
Is this what you meant?
Or I am blind
Again Thanks for the Help.:smiley:


I am in.
Purge Panel looks the same.
Am I missing something or is it supposed to look like the old one?


I think its in todays patch notes comments, where a cm or producer replied this, per another user report of same issue


Ok thanks for babysitting me.
First attempt at being an Admin.