Server is attacked on 1398 PvP server

Game mode: [Online official]
Type of issue: [Crash]
Server type: [PvP]
Region: [ASIA]

Server is attacked on 1398 server

Unable to enter the 1398 server after being attacked every day

Please help

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funcom Please handle this issue

Hello @a62068933, welcome to the forums!

We’ve just verified the server and there seems to be no issue with its stability, have you tried other servers or games to ensure that your connection is stable?

Other servers can go online

Everyone can’t access this server

Started at 7 o’clock last night
Malicious player attacks the server
I can’t enter the server until now.

I have been unable to access this server for 27 hours.

Thank you for sharing additional information, we’ll look into this in further detail with GPortal, apologies for the inconvenience.

HI. Server is attacked on 1397 pvp server. no one can go in this server.

we love this game so much but this company just continue to fail us

You don’t deal with this problem, our consumers won’t buy DLC.
Malicious players attack the server every day This is a big problem
Reduce the time consumers spend playing games You should take this issue seriously.

You see this problem with multiple servers
I believe that players will have a lot of complaints during these days.

@a62068933 we’ve issued a forced restart on #1398, could you let us know if you’re able to join the server without issue now?

@yeung we’ve also done the same procedure for #1397.

Should any issues persist we’ll conduct further investigation on this.

Can’t join

I can join #1397
But can’t join#1398

Thank you for letting us know, we have registered this situation for our developers to look into, as it might be related to the server’s database.

#1397 Cannot join after creating a role

we still can’t into 1397.

#1398 Can now enter

#1398 The server is attacked again