Server is not available.Help my pls

I had a problem connecting to the official Conan exile server. Through my provider, I can not connect to 50% of the official server! Writes that the server is not responding. how to solve this problem ? :пот:

What is your device(I assume PC) and region?

Could you provide the exact error message/(crash) log lines if possible? (Also stored in files iirc)

Servers from other regions will have less ping. Are you connecting to servers from your own region? (NA, EU, AS, SA, AF, OC)

Do you own/host a server yourself? If you are also trying to play on the same pc you will experience similair problems.

If a server is not responding it could mean that it didn’t find the server(no connection possible), or your/that server has too bad of a connection.(it takes to long to connect, aka timeout)

Otherwise, if you are running any mods, please be sure that they are compatible with the update. A lot of them have lost it.

Ps: I am not technical enough to really help you, sorry for any inconvenience.

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