Server Lobby Has Several Issues

Without a doubt, there’s no other reason why my server’s population of new players has gone down the tubes since the update.

Even if you filter it, It still get’ thrown into the jumbled mess of Random/Dead Servers, which makes it incredibly hard to find even for me. I’ve had multiple players ask me on discord if the server is still up, and i tell them yes, but they are having trouble finding it.

  • Half of the information is missing

  • Isn’t getting filtered out from all of the crap

  • Wont be saved to favourites

  • Have to constantly check the level tab to get it to go to the top of the server browser

  • Ping doesn’t show up at all, neither do the player on the server

  • Passworded/Locked Server should not even show up or there should be a toggle to hide them.

  • Goes for all of the other servers too.

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Post on your Discord/forums to have all your players Direct Connect to the server. It’s by far the most consistent way to get to a known server right now. With luck, Funcom will get this working better soon™, but until then, we’ll have to use work arounds.

  • Lobby settings aren’t being saved too on restarting the game

Testlive is working on it now. There are still a few wrinkles to iron out tho.

Still broken for me. Everything is still a ???

looking forward to a fix!

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