Server setting on a personal basis

It would be nice if we would be able to set the personal settings that ‘tweak’ the server settings.

For example, have

  • 50% more XP for 50% more NPC damage
  • 2x harvesting vs 2x crafting time.

Choice would be permanent or at least fixed for a week or so, to avoid everybody tweaking the settings constantly.
It would allow for specialized team members as well.

Not sure if this is easy to do.

Admins of Private servers and single player/ co-op games can change these types of parameters.


Yep. They’re not bound to each other as the OP suggests, but as it’s possible to change each slider individually, it’s entirely possible to increase EXP gain and enemy damage by 50 % each, as well as increase harvesting rate and decrease crafting speed.

All that is needed is access to server settings, so your friendly neighborhood server admin can already do this.

Yes I know those are server settings that an admin can change.

What I would like is that, with the server settings as they are, you can tweak them for you personally.
So a noob would perhaps want to lower the difficulty of the server, lowering the NPC damage and take a hit on XP, while a more experienced player, wanting a challenge could put those x2 and get bonus xp, so levelling more quickly.

You wouldn’t need to be able to tweak all the server settings, just some of them.

It would be abused. For instance, one player could have easy enemy/low exp and beat an Unnamed City or legendary boss down to 1% health, then another player with hard enemy/high exp could finish it off and take home a boatload of exp at little effort. Maybe this would actually fit with your idea of “specialized team members,” but I don’t think most player would consider it to be fair.

Everyone has to be on equal ground or people will find ways to abuse the system.

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This is not impossible to provide, that’s certain. It’s also not entirely abusable when properly designed. Is it worth it though? I guess this could work as an “apprentice” mode of some sort. When an apprentice hits a target first, the battle is bent to their benefit. When a master hits a target first, the battle is tweaked to their favour instead. So if we want to help our friend in need of a quick level or two, then this may be useful. However, is it really worth it. :thinking:

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