Server Trimming transfers

The @Community has flatlined. Hehehe…


Apologies for the delay in our reply. We reached out to our team with your request. However, they informed us that while doing this would help some, it will also turn off the “ignore encumbrance” rule for everyone, and remove the in-game reminder about the merges. If this becomes a possibility or any other changes to the merges are needed, we will communicate on the main thread about it.

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Thanks for the reply. That wasn’t exactly what I was going for but it appears it’s too late anyways as the servers dates have been adjusted on the list so it’s a moot point to open it up for normal server transfers/new characters in the uncertainty window. Don’t forget to update that announcement thread since Friday’s message left the masses hanging on what is “more to come”.


Seriously, Funcom, right now i am pissed off massively. Since Feb. 14. i have no sence to play because you announced the Server Trimming. So far, so Good, im ok with the Trimming. Now you delayed the Transfer the second Time. This time for two Weeks. My Charakter stands, fully packed, and i can do nothing.
Let me Transfer the Char Overencumbranced. You cant tell me, this is Rocket-science
Is this Customer-Friendly to you?
I am near to say, i am done here


TY and the team for taking my suggestion. It helps tremendously.


Thank you for the feedback!

For the other people following this thread, we made an announcement today you can check it here:

Please note that the changes will only apply after the next daily restart. :slight_smile:

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:discopug: :discopug: :discopug: :discopug: :discopug: YEAAAAHHHHH!!! :smile_cat:

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Just fyi. I sent a ticket because I could transfer to the transferring server. It has the option to the receiving server but a setting got changed that prevents transfers. New characters are allowed in though.

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Can we just got this done please. I have 2 characters just hanging out waiting for their merges. It is like being in limbo and not being able to enjoy the game on the servers that are scheduled to close.

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Nevermind on that ticket. The second server restart (Sunday AM) fixed this issue and I was able to transfer in.


Luckily my three main characters I play with only one was in a dead-server-walking.

How about you close the servers and just upload our characters and let us decide where we want to go. Since you are closing the servers we played on it seems only fair we decide where we want to go.

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I have a feeling it’s not an in game character transfer per say but data tables merging event.

Seven days after the Transfers put on Ice and not a Single Word how its going and when we eventually get new Target-dates for the trimming. Funcoms Communication awsome as ever.
Meanwhile we have nothing to do ingame and i bet for another two Weeks Delay.
This is the craziest Sh**t i ever see in my Gaming-Career

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You have a gaming career? Awesome!

But I don’t really see the benefit in complaining when you could be furthering that career of yours. The transfer hold is indefinite and until further notice so just go back to playing normally or transfer to another server yourself.

Here’s an example for you and maybe some others… My base got bug wiped after being there for about 6 months. It took me all of 4 hours to build a new one from scratch. I re-spec’d my character to ENC and borrowed two named crafter thralls (all of which people in transfer limbo already likely have), hacked some rocks and wood and went to town. I took the opportunity to move locations to a new neighborhood where I made some new friends too. What I didn’t do was waste my time here on the forums complaining about how the company who made the game is crazy. :stuck_out_tongue:

Did FC drop the ball a little? Yes and no… Yeah, they had to cease moving forward with their merger plans - that’s a ball-drop, but it’s also a save! Be glad they didn’t just continue on and push through with something that wasn’t likely to be 100%. So be grateful! Did you pack up your base too soon? Unpack it. Are you worried for your “career” that the mergers will resume in the middle of your game? Transfer your self to another server and beat them to it. There shouldn’t be any kind of frustrations from this. The remedies are so easy and so simple just move onward… Carry on carrying on…

Yeah but that just isn’t reasonable for a person to continue amassing stuff knowing they’ll have to figure out how to sparse it out anyways as most players have more than 200 inventory items in their base. Find the ways to do normal server transfers and think of ways to get the stuff out of the server. This will take time and leveling so it will keep you busy. Also scout the new home. See the dynamic you will be walking into. Even if they delay it 30 days, you may have already figured it all out and moved on via normal server transfers.

hmmmm, i like this idea.

Just play a different game, wh9 lnows it may be one you might enjoy more?

I heard their is a Souls style game that is getting rave reviews.

You forgotnthe other option, play another game.

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