Server trimming

So I heard that my server is being transferred (1507 is moving to 1504) tomorrow (March 31st) then I saw that server trimming was being paused as of March 18th. Does anyone know what’s going on with all that? Or like what time we might be transferred. My clan has all torn our stuff down and filled up our characters to transfer over and no one wants to play until the transfer if it’s not happening tomorrow so I want to know what to tell them.

The devs needed further debugging, so they put it on pause on the frontside.

I noticed the dates disappeared, so we don’t know how long.

I tried that but it said I couldn’t transfer if over burdened

I just tried it again and it said overencumbered characters can not be transferred

I maxed out my encumbrance to so I wasn’t stuck walking for a year to get to a new place lol

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