Server Transfer - What does "temporary disabled mean"?

As the subject says, I’m getting an error that server transfer is temporarily (misspelled in-game) disabled.

I’m not encumbered, I have a maximum of 50 encumbrance and only 93% loaded.

Does anyone have any ideas?


@JJDancer Please tell me this will be only temporary? A week ago I transferred my main toon to a Siptah server to farm and learn the new items and armor. My setup on this new server was meant to only be temporary and I have a stand in Clan Leader on my home server. Please let me know if I can rest easy knowing in a week or so I can transfer back with my setup.

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Thanks, JJ

I searched, but obviously, I suck at searching. :smiley:

“As soon as we feel the feature is ready to get back in the game we’ll release a patch restoring the feature with the proper fix.”

This is absolute crap. This has to be one of the WORST decisions they’ve made. Raise your hand if you are now stuck on a server you never intended on sticking with… Total bait and switch on a feature. I get they may feel like it’s not ready or has issues, but they let this one out of the bag and now many players are stuck and penalized for Funcom’s failure.

“As soon as we feel the feature is ready…” and this part of this decision is just as bad if not worse. No timetable. None. They could fix this tomorrow, they could fix this a year from now. With Funcom’s track record this statement is just, well, laughable.

I’m sorry Funcom, even on some of your worst days I defend you. This, I cannot. While I am not one of those players that is now stuck, I legit understand the utter mess you have made with this decision. I wonder how many clans now have players split across a couple different servers…

Yes, this is temporary. Will be resumed once the issue we discovered is resolved.
Please refer to the link @JJDancer posted for the announcement.


When using the feature in-game the tool itself should inform about the paused functionality.

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Please wait, it is a pause to solve an issue.
To temporary disable this transfer feature, it must be something big like an exploit.
So it is better like this, and it will come back later when ok :slight_smile:

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Hi @Ignasi,

The tool does display a message, but the message is not specific as to who or why disabled the feature. The message is vague enough that I was left thinking that the problem was with my PC game settings and that I had to change something there first. That is why I made this post to see if I had to turn something on.

Please include the link in the message as well.

There is a link on the main menu of the game as well, pointing to the announcement. However, it is only in the English version of the game for now as it is waiting for localization, which will be added once it is available.

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Well I had just started moving to another server, so I do have my main char on the server I want, but a lot of needed stuff, stations and worker thralls are left on the old server, however I am not totally lost, at least I can do something, I know a couple of people who are stuck on a server they don’t want to play on, that is worse, but I hope/believe they will soon fix the problem with transfers whatever that is :slight_smile:
My guess is that it must have been a newly discovered exploit that players could abuse.

U guys could mention this atleast 7 days earlier before disabling , because some -players i think was using transfer to leart things that cant be learned on siptah and now are stucked in exile land - actually same thing what happened with my third char … while testing how it works its now naked in siptah tho i just wanted to learn some recipes and return…

not saying its bad to disable but could just announce this before actual disable…

Please realize that we had to disable this feature to stop a severe issue that would’ve had a severe impact to the balance of the game for many players.
This was not an unwarranted decision and it required a fast reaction to stop further spread of the problem.

We apologize for the possible frustration the temporary disablement of server transfers may have caused and we’ll aim to bring it back once we deem it’s safe.


Is there an estimated ETA on turning the feature back on? Few days, a week, etc.

So here is the issue:

our group now has two private passworded servers, one on Siptah and one on Exiled Lands. We play PVE and half our small group is now on Siptah and the other half is on Exiled Lands. My wife is part of our group and is now stuck in Siptah with her character and I am in the Exiled Lands.

No one here gives a hoot about imbalance issues since there are no imbalance issues here.

Is there a reason why the server transfer couldn’t have been shut down for Official Servers and all other server owners could turn the option off if they choose, while you worked on it?

I feel like it is 3rd grade and because a couple of kids abused a privilege, now everyone gets punished.

Great. So now my character is stuck on a dead server cus I wanted to learn some recipes alone…

For private servers, you can install Amunet Server Transfer mod, even temporarily to shift players back to the server they want to be on. AST mod works well with mods on both servers are the same. AST test mod works with mod mismatch servers.

I have AST mod on my 3 servers. I am not going to say it works perfectly each time, but usually no issues. First time transfer, you just need to hit finalize character in the character creation screen before it imports the data over.

One added note, to use AST mod, you will need to have access to a PHP webserver. A small PHP program is needed to make it all work.


So now that it is turned off, what exactly was the problem?

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Is it possible to bring back servers transfers before this week end?

I have to escape my server fast :slight_smile:


Quick question, whats up with your 637.47.21 hours cool down timer, i just tried upload char!