Character transfer coming back :)

Hey Funcom
Nice to get the ability to transfer my lost character back to the server -
But - it says cooldown is 609 hours :open_mouth:
So I have to wait 25 hays until I can get my character to the server I wanted to transfer to.
This is not to fix so we can get our characters back, no reason to start with 30 days cooldown without a transfer


@Ignasi is it intended that people start out with a very long cooldown timer after you re-enabled character transfer with longer cooldown time so that stranded people could get home from a different server?

The inference is “do it once, make the right choice.” Enabling with this interval is a best of both worlds situation that alleviates what I have thusly deduced is part of the exploit.

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Sorry but I think you have misunderstood something, how is it helping people stuck on a different server if they have to wait up to a month before they can even attempt getting their character back since the shut down of character transfer?

Lots of people went to a different server to maybe get some recipes and then return to their home server, but they ended up getting stuck there because of the sudden close down of char transfer.
If it should be helpful for those people, all cooldown timers should have been reset when they re-enabled char transfer with the extended timer, so that they actually had a chance to return :slight_smile:


Oh, okay thanks for clearing that up. Now that it’s re-enabled, you don’t get a fresh crack at it, you just get your cooldown. I was under the belief that the timer was indeed reset. That might not be do-able, as I said from my deductions in the last post. Appreciate the new info.

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To @Ignasi
But we can’t get our chars back if you start with a cooldown, don’t think it is fair to start with, when we transfered it was under the circumstance that we only had to wait 24 hours to get it back again.
That was stopped without a warning, could you atleast reset that cooldown so we can get back on our servers ?

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That seems unintended. Asking now the team in charge of transfers if that’s indeed unintended or not (and if not, to fix it).

Got a reply back.
If you had transferred recently you will have the new cooldown applied, minus how many days since your last transfer.


Since we don’t know the real reason, we are all assuming a major exploit. It could be duping, admin rights, who knows. To assume it only affected pvp types is very simple minded. As much as I have been critical of Funcom, they only take drastic measures like this if it was major and much needed.


Hello Ignasi,

What is the problem with servers transfers?

I like to transfer every week to explore, EL or siptah servers, and have no problems.

The only thing to do is to delete (hit recreate) the character you have on the server you want to transfer to. Exit the game, then enter the game again and you can transfer.

Know issues :

  • lost of all obelisks
  • lost all feats if use the yellow lotus potion.

Please get back servers transfers fast :slight_smile:

Just for visibility. Regarding the cooldowns, anyone who had transferred recently and had a cooldown, they will have the 30 day cooldown, minus the days since the last transfer.
Those who were stuck in the middle of a transfer with no transfers recently in their account should not have any cooldown.


Personally I have my character on my main server, my biggest problem is that I was in the middle of moving the most important things from the old server to the new, but at least I am where I want to be :slight_smile:
However some people are still stranded on a different server they went to for various reasons and now cannot get back to their main server where their clan friends are, and it may take several weeks depending on when they transfered to that server or if a fix comes and bring transfers back to normal again.

It is good that those who had uploaded their character right before transfer was shut down can now import their character again, but there are also a lot of people stranded away from their main server.


You can transfer in 27 days - even you had no cooldown they gave you one from when you last transfered. This is ridiculous, we used the cooldown under other circumstances.

When you look at the whole story, it kinda looks like this:

  • We wanted to travel across servers and asked for that feature.
  • Funcom gave us a character import/export tool instead.
  • We decided to use it for server travel anyway.
  • Funcom decided to make us use it as import/export tool.

Sure, there might be a different explanation, but this one makes sense too :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: Funcom provided their explanation below. My theory was incorrect :slight_smile:

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Please explain where is the problem.

And at least set the cooldown to 7 days, until the problem is fixed.

We like this feature, then we can have cross servers communities and friends! :slight_smile:

thank you!

I can count u up what i experienced at transfers, but if they disabled it then its something in ggame breaking thing and my opinions are about server stability

what i noticed is less after this disable -

  1. i dont get fatal errors so much
  2. no random disconnections and server crashes

now what been problem with this as i did reports and 3 of them are noted

  1. U lose random perks after transfering - i know i had ALL vault recipes when i left siptah , when i joined exile i had only bats and wolf left from vaults…
  2. missing random items - left siptah with eldarium in inventory , joined exiled without it
  3. Random teleport and death when importing it - joined exiled lands, and i was teleported to warmaker dungeon INSIDE and killed + there was more players who sleeped in same spot, to be exact - all naked so all dead…
  4. Same thing happens when u go from exile to siptah randomly - u die at beach and are spawned in ocean
  5. Yes item dupping probably - when i left exile i lost items some, and joining siptah i had armor , but also i left undecaying item loot bag on exile lands where i left server with missing items + another set of armor ( those players just found it and asked where i go and why in my sleeping spot is big Loot bag with recipes and armors and food )

I think its better that its disabled and enabled just to get back on main servers until its completely fixed , and nobody will get killed and tped to random places … or creating infinity lootbags that not decaying or creating errors that crash servers or random disconects or more stuff… :C

@Ignasi @JJDancer exile left behind eh? I was so happy to quickly transfer back to my home server after I heard the news today. Only to find out I have to wait another two weeks because the reset timer is now 720 Hours! I assumed that when I read the 30 days that would be after the next transfer…not from your last transfer.

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Just to clear out a common confusion about this: These limitations are only temporary. We’re working to return the feature back to its normal functionality in the near future.
The current restrictions are temporary until the problem is solved.


isnt it time to talk about the elephant in the room, the problem, im sure more people would be akay with whatever you have done and will do, if they get an explanation, for now only problem is funcom denying us travel, why not tell us whats the reason behind this drastic action is.

Hello Ignasi,
Thanks for the information!
We are waiting :slight_smile:

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