Question about Transfer

Hi. I dont get a answer or reaction to my question about timelimit for Transfer a Char in the Trimming topic. I already uploaded my Char: is there a timelimit for being in Cloud? I mean can i “Store” my Char for example 4 Weeks or longer? Or is this Limited for 24h?

I have kept characters uploaded for up to 3 weeks with a horse and thralls with no problems. I don`t know if there is a time limit but your good for at least 3 weeks.

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OK, thx for this Information. Is good to know that is not a 24h Limit.

Unless you bounce the character back and forth from servers, then it’s advantageous to get into the next server quickly so that you can widdle the cool down time immediately.

If you are putting character in to play fully, I would encourage you to store in transfer limbo as you create characters in potential servers to scout around and see if you like the server.

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