Server transfer issue. Something isn't right

Ok so… I screwed up badly but I don’t consider it entirely my fault. Either the information and the rules on character transfer did not clarify this, or the recent changes screwed up the cooldown application.

My idea was to move character A to another server to free a spot for character B, who I wanted to move to that server instead. So that would be one transfer for each of the two characters.
The rule did not mention that the character transfer cooldown is account wide, not for individual characters… somehow? Why?

Now both of my characters are stuck on two dead servers for an entire month.

Is this supposed to work this way? Is the rule unclear and the transfer is indeed account-wide, or is it a bug?

Hi @Kilix

You can read more about Character Transfers here: Exiles Character Transfer - Information and Tutorial for PC
Also please be aware that the current transfer cooldown has been increased to 30 days. You can read more about that here: Temporary increase in Character Transfer cooldown durations

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Well… a month-long vocation it is I suppose. Bye

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