Transfers put on hold

As described here Disabling Character Transfers

Transfers will be disabled as of June 7.

I appreciate this move so they can work out the kinks; my friends and I lost 4 transfers but thankfully had them restored through zendesk within 48 hrs.

I’ll reserve my opinions about transfers in general for the moment.

Now, my question is: what happens to transfers currently in limbo? @Dana

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hmmmm…Well that’s a wrinkle in most of my plans and set ups.

I’m just glad we got some notice so I can work around things and get some different plans ready and rolling.


Our team over on Zendesk will still be here to help out with any characters stuck in transfer limbo so please continue to reach out to them if you are encountering any issues.

Before reaching out, please make sure you check out our post on how to report character transfer issues: How to report an issue with Character Transfers


Morning Dana, sorry I mean characters purposely put in limbo. Like we transfer off and leave it in the cloud until we choose a server.

This is only a temporary thing for official servers, right? It will be re—enabled at some point? @Dana

The feature will be disabled on the 7th of June.
Not sure when and if we will enable transfers again (on official servers) but as always, we will post any additional updates here so keep an eye out for that.


The answer for that will be that you can keep the character in limbo until the feature will be turned off.
You will have to choose a server and move the character before the 7th.

If you are experiencing any issues then feel free to poke our team over on Zendesk.


Thank you!


Thanks I hope they re-enable it!


I hope that “and if” part is only allowing for a worst-case scenario and not something that is likely.

At least for official PvE, I understand that transfers are more of an issue on PvP.

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I’d like to figure out if it’s still possible to initiate transfer between officials up until the 7th.

Sigh… figures. In efforts to maximize eldarium transfers to my EL base, I am pushing the transfers hard…and my second token error…5 days prior to transfer shut down.

Well if Dana is paying attention…yes I sent the zen ticket.

This smacks of familiarity of my previous deadline transfer woes but whatcha goin do?

This one will bite the tongue of cynicism for the moment.

However, if nothing else, it will firm up the advantage of those who moved their vault arsenals, sigils, and eldarium over to non-Siptah servers for awhile.

Given the not insignificant issues with transfers and the purportedly major update impending this is likely a prudent move. It might not necessarily be a popular one, but prudent. Hopefully this is effectively communicated without having to visit the forums.

Trying to do much around a major update is a risky proposition anyway.


Yes, you can still transfer between official servers until the 7th of June.


Just curious if I need to move what siptah items I need to move to exiled before the 7th.

Thankfully it’s displayed when you log


What items? Eldarium is the limited resource but if you don’t have recipes, it’s pretty green bricks. So eldarium, recipes that are on paper, legendary items like blindshot and the ghoulish weapons, eldarium vault weapons and armor if you don’t have a character over there that knows them, ghoulish humors…and gold…lots and lots of gold because Siptah is the land of honey and El…well that other place. The same amount of time farming the volcano for 30 bare you cold easily have 100 gold bars in Siptah.


Well some of us can :wink:

My clan and I don’t even bother with transferring gold to Exiles because T3 bearers often drop all the alch base needed.


OK just putting it out there that I have had completely different experience with zendesk than all the others that report on here. I reported the token failure last night and I got the email this AM that it’s ready to transfer again.

@Dana Please share with the support team that I appreciate their efforts and sorry to be a pain since I’m trying to get as much transfered as possible before the gates shut.