Servers missing

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So ever since this patch some of the servers have gone missing. Including GPortal 2508. Which has mine and my buddy’s progress on it that we’ve been spending hours upon hours on. Anyone else having this issue? Is there anyway to fix it or should I sit around and wait a bit longer?

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Same here friend. Played since launch and this Sunday could not find my server. All progress gone. There has been no announcement or acknowledgement of the lost servers from Funcom which is the frustrating part. Either you start all over or you go play another game. I have been all over the forums and internet trying to find something from Funcom but found nothing.

Same. And honestly I don’t feel like investing hours into another server if it’s just gonna disappear like this one. Which is extremely disappointing because it’s a pretty good game.

Update: They moved the server from PvP to PvE. Check to see if you’re server has been moved.