Severe bug in Russian localization

Game mode: All
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: All
Region: All

Game client, online servers list.
Severe bug in Russian localization! Players don’t see modded servers. This checkbox description reads as if it is for unmodded servers only but actually you have to check it to see modded servers in this list together with unmodded. Your localizator deserves a good beating for such severe mistake.


This phrase must be “Показать серверы с модами”.

без модов means without mods so that localizator got it all wrong indeed, well spotted.

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I’ve noticed that after renting our own server. We couldn’t find it in the Global list because of this checkbox.


Hey @Ko6ka

Thanks for spotting this one. We’ve sent it to our localization team so they can change it to the appropriate line.


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