Shade f*cking clothes

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I am Sick to DEATH with all these updates and you fail to adress one REALLY IMPORTANT ISSUE the F*CKING Shadeclothes, I am an admin WHO pays real money for me and other to play a server, I have not played in over 3 weeks because my server Occupants and me, have all placed shade clothes BY ACCIDENT in areas, they now want to remove them AND THEY CAN’T!!! I have posted 2 threads on here and one in steam about theis BEFORE RELEASE! this is rediculous. we are a pve server AND LIKE TO BUILD, And we can’t because there are shadelcothes pooping throught the walls ibn the middle of places we want to build.

The bug is clearly visable NO interactive menue for me to delete
No Colisions and Bad textures FIX THEM!

Have you tried explosives? Probably… This is just an example: I’ve had to kill thralls with gas orbs because they are stuck or there hit boxes won’t register that I hit them; so I wonder if you turn on the ability to damage buildings can you just blow them up (since you are an admin).

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Were you a combat engineer? Too intellectual to have been a marine, but “blow it up”… made me laugh. Great idea - not mocking that at all lol.

If it does work let me know. A friend set up of those things up in our base and I didn’t want to start scaring everyone with explosives without a good reason. Also, checked on gamepedia and it says that shadeclothes have 250 hp; so you shouldn’t need a jar or anything to test it.

If I remember correctly, those particular items have no hit boxes and they cannot be targeted. The only one that was useable was the small “tent” that is used for shelter during a sandstorm. I had to reset my server (wipe) to remove the shade cloths and I know this is something you don’t want to do.
If an explosive works to destroy it, I think that would be a miracle. Other than that, until FC comes up with the fix for that glitch, you’re stuck with those useless pieces of decoration.

As an admin, ctrl-shift-del does not work I suppose?

That didn’t work for me either.

Use explosives and that should remove it.